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CRSA History: "Ideas Shape The Course Of History"

CRSA History

The Chicago Railroad Superintendents Association

CRSA is an organization dedicated to networking and educating Chicago’s railroad professionals. CRSA members enjoy the benefits of a team environment and professional services to the rail industry which fosters a better understanding of the complex inner-workings of the Chicago rail network. CRSA was created to facilitate improved fluidity of train movement and operations.

2019 – Stay Positive / Work Hard / Make It Happen!

CRSA has focused this years’ theme towards the overall project of interoperability.  It is imperative that we work together within the chicagoland area and outer districts to meet the deadlines of PTC implementation.  Come Dec. 31 — the federal due date — the 41 railroads that are mandated to adopt the technology will have spent a decade working on their PTC systems, including four years past the original end-of-2015 deadline.  But that date won’t mean the end of PTC implementation, or even the near end. Most railroads expect to seek approval for an allowable alternative schedule date of Dec. 31, 2020 — to continue tests, obtain system certification, achieve interoperability with other railroads or fully adopt PTC on mainlines.

With that understanding, more than ever come out to the social events and exchange ideas, information and create solutions.    Executives and Managers are encouraged to be advisors and mentors. Together we can learn from each other and reach our goals.

Railroad members and Industry members are welcome to join.  Click “Become A Member” and join today.


Keep checking back on the Events page for updates.  Our goal is to have organization tours demonstrating their facilities, laboratories, control centers, etc.  Many of the facilities require a level of clearance and / or permissions, so we will keep everyone posted via email and / or newsletter.   Industry Vendors we encourage you to come to the mixers / socials so we can have an opportunity to see your products at work as well.

Any ideas you may have email the president at  All suggestions are welcome.

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