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CRSA History: "Ideas Shape The Course Of History"

CRSA History

The Chicago Railroad Superintendents Association

CRSA is an organization dedicated to networking and educating Chicago’s railroad professionals. CRSA members enjoy the benefits of a team environment and professional services to the rail industry which fosters a better understanding of the complex inner-workings of the Chicago rail network. CRSA was created to facilitate improved fluidity of train movement and operations.

2020 – Re-Building A Better Foundation!

APRIL 30th, 2020 all memberships are due for this year.  Respectfully, we request that everyone submit their dues.  This is important in establishing our foundation and the growth of CRSA.  We respect & understand that there may be some prior arrangements with previous officers of CRSA.  However, this year CRSA has a new start and new understandings.

MARCH 1st, 2021 Membership Dues will increase to $35.00 annually. A $5.00 late fee will be imposed 30 days after the March 1st, 2021 due date.

Events will change for the year 2020 and going forward.  Starting this year, we will have 3 public events and 3 private events.  It is encouraged that members attend these events to not only help CRSA grow as an organization but to educate yourselves if not others of your craft and/or crafts of your peers.

Railroad members and Industry members are welcome to join.  Click “Become A Member” and join today.


Keep checking back on the Events page for updates.  This year we are looking forward to having guest speakers at our luncheons & picnics.  We will need Industry leaders to sponsor the upcoming luncheons and / or picnics for 2020.

Any ideas you may have email the president at  All suggestions are welcome.


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